Many Interesting Facts
About Strawberries!

Not only are strawberries the "World's Happiest Fruit", but the many interesting facts about strawberries make them one of the world's most fascinating fruits, too! But many people aren't acquainted with even the basic tale of this bright red star of the garden.


Maybe you aren't, either? Don't worry! Here you will find everything you need, important and trivial, to be "in the know" and become an educated strawberry lover!

The strawberry facts begin with a Strawberry FAQ. These pages cover the most asked strawberry fact questions on the Internet.

It is also good to know the strawberry parts, that is, the parts of a strawberry and a strawberry plant.

Of course, strawberry nutrition facts are important to all of us. Strawberries are certainly some of the healthiest, most nourishing foods that a person can possibly eat.

However, as much joy as the strawberry brings to the lives of so many of us, there are a few people who cannot enjoy the little gems due to having a strawberry allergy (or other difficulties).

And then there is the so-called "strawberry" hemangioma. This is a skin disorder which appears in infancy, and really has nothing to do with strawberries at all; it only looks a bit like seedless, red, strawberry flesh. Every fan of strawberries should know about this disorder... and that it is NOT caused by strawberries.

More information about these hemangiomas can be found by clicking on the following links (the links will open in new windows):

  • One very informative webpage about this condition is
    which is hosted by Children's Hospital Boston (please note that some of the images on this site may not be suitable for all individuals, so the exercise of the visitor's discretion is advised). This webpage has (among other things) several short but informative videos.

  • A fairly typical form of this disorder is commonly referred to as a "port wine stain". It's a reasonable name, since the skin does tend to look rather like it has been stained with port wine, having a purplish-red color and splotchy, "stain"-like distribution on the skin. This webpage from the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS)
    gives some information about the disorder, as well as a treatment option that has helped some people. (Please note that StrawberriesForStrawberryLovers.Com does not offer any medical advice; you should always consult your physician for any medical advice.)

Once you've "digested" these interesting facts about strawberries, you're appreciation of each new strawberry experience will reach to an even greater height than ever before. So discover the "behind the scenes" world of strawberries, and savor their flavor even more!

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