Strawberries by Table 21

This is a Strawberries by Table 21 review. This Strawberries song is a fun, happy rock song about the world's happiest fruit!

Table 21 is an alternative rock band hailing from Whitestone, Queens, New York. The members are Chris Vitale (a.k.a. Christopher John), Matthew Valle, Nick Tromboukis, and Hughie "Mac" McGranahan. Strawberries is track number 9 of their self-titled Table 21 debut album, released in 2009.

Strawberry Disk Reflection

Strawberries isn't very long, at just over two minutes on the album version. But what a joyful two minutes! With the rawness you'd expect from a rock song, Table 21 states their strawberry love plainly:
"Strawberries, you're delicious! Strawberries, I wanna eat ya!"
So who cares if it's not very long?! That's what "repeat" is for!

The song has a good energy throughout--fast, but not too fast; loud, but not too loud. It really hits the sweet spot!

It names off a number of our favorite strawberry treats, too! Just listening to the song makes you crave strawberries! And it's also a great song to sing along with!

In the end, the word that might best describe Table 21's Strawberries is "fun"! If you like rock, and love strawberries, then this is definitely a song for you!

(Note: the review for this song is included simply to introduce strawberry lovers to a great strawberry tune. If you like the song, please do the right thing, and buy a copy. Thank you!)

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