Strawberry Fields Forever

This is a Strawberry Fields Forever review, of the song by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and the other Beatles... the most famous strawberry song ever!

Strawberry Fields Forever was originally released in February of 1967 with Penny Lane as it's flip-side. Later in the same year it was re-released in the U.S. on The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour album (inclusion of the song on this album is now done internationally).

The song's title is inspired by the Strawberry Field children's home which was operated by the Salvation Army in Liverpool, England. John Lennon lived near Strawberry Field as a child and played there with his childhood friends.

As for the song's meaning, it expresses a determination to remain in the blissful obliviousness of childhood in places like Strawberry Field. With the phrase "let me take you down...", the singer requests the listener to join him in his escape from reality to "...where nothing is real, and nothing to get hung about...", that is, where there is nothing that might upset someone.

Others are not necessarily able to relate to him, however; allusions to this fact are the phrases "'s getting hard to be someone..." and " can't, you know, tune in...", both of which suggest that this minstrel doesn't really fit into the standard social structure. It is further acknowledged that he may be responsible for his deviation from the norm, stating "Always-no, sometimes-think it's me...". Nevertheless, a certain apathy about this disconnect with mainstream culture is not only noted (" doesn't matter much to me...") but considered quite acceptable ("'s alright, that is, I think it's not too bad").

Ultimately, then, the song is about a steadfast desire to live a happy life, even if the "real" world seems to have other plans. This gives the song a very cheerful quality, which makes it's link to the world's happiest fruit quite appropriate!

(Note: the review for this song is included simply to introduce strawberry lovers to a great strawberry tune. If you like the song, please do the right thing, and buy a copy. Thank you!)

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